The System Works!

It is the 9 july 2016 and we have Bitcoin block reward halving! This is what it’s all about people; stability and trust through predictability.


Learn about bitcoin with Linus Dunkers

Studieförbundet-Vuxenskolan has set up a course to advance knowledge about bitcoin. The course promises to study the different concepts and the technology that enabled the currency Bitcoin and other digital currencies. There will be both theory but also practical sessions where the participants learn to buy and transfer bitcoin. Its six 90 minute classes for…

Midsommarstång med svenska flaggan i topp.
Foto. Hasse Holmberg / SCANPIX Kod 96

Happy Midsummer! 0% fee on Sell!

Cold or warm, dry or soaking wet. Midsummer is midsummer. At BTCX we celebrate by cancelling the fee on Sell for the whole weekend. So, stay warm, have a ”nubbe” and Sell bitcoin! Happy Midsummer to all!


The Cryptolocker Menace. Help is Coming.

More and more people fall victims to cryptolocker ransomware and get their computers more or less hi-jacked. We have seen this problem grow for a while now, as has Dagens Nyheter. Help is coming though. In a week or two we at BTCX will set up our own Cryptolocker hotline: BTCX|Emergency Room. With our Express…

AC1A3798 - kopia

We Attended Quantech in London

Scroll down for links to video from the conference! This April Goobit attended the Quantech conference at the Hilton Canary Wharf Hotel. The company was represented primarily by me, Kristofer Agelfors. Canary Wharf is London’s financial district, and it was noticeable that this is an important place by the amount of police officers patrolling the…

WaterAid drop

Water Aid embrace bitcoin

The NGO (non governmental organisation) WaterAid, that works to ensure that all people have access to clean water and sanitation, is now modernising its fundraising, in cooperation with BTCX, by accepting donations in bitcoin. BTCX assisted Water Aid with by explaining the concept, setting up their bitcoin wallet/address, providing structure and adding Water Aid to…