Litecoin surges 300% as Bitcoin gets attacked!

The crisis in Greece has got the attention to cryptocurrencies once again making bitcoin to increase more than 30% the following weeks. What also has gotten newly attention is the silver of cryptocurrencies, Litecoin, from it’s longtime low at 1 USD januari 2015, it has sparkled up to 7,73 USD today.

Litecoin usually follows the ups and downs of bitcoin but now, since a few days back, the bitcoin network is under attack from an unknown group making the network slow in confirming low-free transactions. This has made Litecoin a popular and efficient option to bitcoin and it’s price has surged over 300% the few weeks.

Litecoin BTC-e 07092015 - 05:51:28 PM

Charle Lee, the founder of Litecoin explains that he has already solved this transactionspamming problem years ago, and suggested an update to the bitcoin developers when litecoin was under a similar attack at that time.

Read the full interview at Cointelegraph


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