Ether is Coming

ethereum logo

We have noticed a growing interest in  Ethereum and Ether.
So, we’d like to announce that the next virtual currency to enter the BTCX platform is…


We won’t set a date yet but will be a good surprise in the late summer.

But, right now you can buy Ether, with your bitcoin.

1. Get Jaxx. (google play / Chrome) It’s a combined bitcoin/ether wallet that seems fit for the purpose. It is available for several platforms and will have a version for Apple / iOS on May 26, according to the publisher.

2. Buy extra bitcoin on btcx.SE

3. Go to Shapeshift and trade yourseelf a little ether!

We will get back to you when we have Ether at home on BTCX. Enjoy the sun for now.

Disclaimer: Jaxx and Shapeshift are not BTCX services. BTCX does not guarantee that they work as intended. Ethereum have their own wallet too which can be worth looking at, here.

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